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bizarroMUSIC:BizarroSoundJerriCloud II

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

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bizarrojerri - keep on keeping on cover


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bizarroMUSIC: Nibs Van Der Spuy

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Nibs Van Der Spuy - Crossing Borders Driving North 001

“…I’d been a fan of Nibs since his early days as part of folk group Landscape Prayers.

Their Bush Telegraph album was one of the few acoustic albums I really enjoyed. It had a spooky, anonymous and ancient quality to it, a sound of spacey, twinkling guitars and hail-on-a-zinc-roof percussion overlaid with some really funky and hypnotic tangents, it felt like some sort of artifact recovered from deep within the earth from the thousand hills of KwaZulu Natal.

It was my soundtrack to Sunday afternoons with mugs of cheap wine, looking over blocks of urban decay and wondering, hoping and finally realising, thanks to Bush Telegraph, there still had to be some beauty left in the world.

It’s any wonder I didn’t throw away my shoes right then and there and run away to the country with my own badly-tuned, three-stringed Ibanez classical strapped to my back. Thanks for that, Nibs. I may get there yet…” CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE

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