bizarroMUSIC: “Give Me Back The Nights”

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

…another weird tale of a great Ungoogleable.


Been listening to DJ Shadow “The Less You Know, The Better” album this morning and one song still gets me every time:

the song (and original poem) is one of most soul-destroying pieces of art ever created

…I just want to chew my wrists off every time I hear it, yet it has such a beautiful tone to it and the story of its origin is full of mystery and bizarreness.

the sample on this DJ Shadow track is from a crate-dig discovery by Shadow of some obscure spoken word/poetry vanity print record.


the poet’s name is CE Rabinowitz…and that’s all the world knows about him.

WHO IS HE? WHERE IS HE NOW? …and indeed, what the hell was going on in his life and his mind when he wrote and recorded the poem? If you’re reading this and have something to offer that might solve the mystery, let me know. 

” When I finally got a hold of the guy he basically said that he took most of the records to the dump. He kind of renounced it, it was a moment in his life that he was ambivalent about….(it’s) just someone documenting a moment of pain in his life in the most unobtrusive and un-obstructive way that he could.”
DJ Shadow to okayplayer


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