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bizarroMUSIC:BizarroSoundJerriCloud II

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

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bizarrojerri - keep on keeping on cover


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bizarroMUSIC: BizarroSoundJerriCloud

Friday, June 14th, 2013

satanos cillatem ym etallicso natas


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devilwoman - Copy

bizarroMUSIC: bizarroSOUNDCLOUD

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

*Brand new music from bizarrojerri.

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bizarroMUSIC: suite: goldenboy

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

*Brand new music from bizarrojerri.

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“Truly, our generation’s Chariots Of Fire.” 
– A guy who does the announcements at school athletics events.

“It has so many movements; it needs its own restroom.” 
– The International Federation of Janitorial Professionals.

“If you haven’t said what you wanted to say in seven minutes, then there really isn’t any point, is there?” – Anonymous.

“Quite literally, the Prog Frince of lo-fi juzz fank.” – Axl Rose’s great-aunt.

bizarroMUSIC:playing with myself / bizarrojerri ’99-’12

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Now on Mixcloud…


playing with myself

the music of bizarrojerri



2000-2001 whitemanfromtownsaystakeitoff (WMFTSTIO)

2002 dirtygermangirls (and other lo-fi fables of funk) (DGG)

2009 revengeofthekwyijbo (ROTK)

2010 will you please be quiet? EP (WYPBQ-EP)

2012 the malodorous antiphonies of zeugma: syllepsis of paraprosdokia (MAZ: SOP)

2012/13 a post-apocalyptic trooper and his girlfriend are terrorised by a regenerated killer robot (PAGAH GAT BARK-R) *work in progress

mixcloud (1)


victory – early demo 1999 (cassette recording)

flamethrower blues – early demo 1999 (cassette recording)

norman stansfield part 1 – early long form experimentation 2000/2001 (cassette recording)

milk a witch – early long form experimentation 2000/2001 (cassette recording)

norman stansfield part 2 – early long form experimentation 2000/2001 (cassette recording)

rosebud – from WMFTSTIO 2001

white man from town says take it off – from WMFTSTIO 2001

I wasn’t always a bad guy, I used to a hand model – from WMFTSTIO 2001

d’langman funk (featuring d’langman) – from WMFTSTIO 2001


stof pad 1 (featuring Laurika Rauch) – early demo version 1999

stof pad 2 (extended suite, featuring Laurika Rauch) – from WMFTSTIO 2001

pink jackie patterson – from DGG 2002

no more mushrooms – from DGG 2002

dirty german girls – from DGG 2002

dirty drummer girls – B-side 2002

my name is julius (featuring Julius Malema) – from ROTK 2009

namasté (featuring Marvin Candle) – from ROTK 2009

bedaar ou gerrie/tsnorwane (featuring Bernoldus Niemand) – from ROTK 2009


road to magadan – from ROTK 2009

diaphanous – from WYPBQ EP 2010

lucidae lucent (featuring Jim White) – from WYPBQ EP 2010

going forward in the webster network – ROTK outtake 2009

fibonacci – single release 2010

falling throne –– from MAZ: SOP 2012

iron pant – from MAZ: SOP 2012

COAB – single release 2012

red dan (featuring Dan Roodt) – from PAGAH GAT BARK-R 2012/13

laughing monkey, chocolate thunder (featuring Tom Morello) – from PAGAH GAT BARK-R 2012/13

will they, won’t they – from PAGAH GAT BARK-R 2012/13

*all care has been taken to present these tracks in the best quality possible, however as most of these tracks, particularly the early recordings, have been recorded with, and sourced from, cheap equipment, as well as other analog and early digital sources, ambient noises and imperfections are unavoidable, and all rather quaint, really.


Thanks for listening.

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