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bizarroMUSIC: Mixcloudy with a chance of funk…

Monday, June 25th, 2012


now on


eclectic selections from the archives of the bizarrojerri corporation


James William Guercio – Electra Glide In Blue

Desert (El Topo) / Monk Prayer

M83 – Midnight City

Bernard Herrmann – Theme from Taxi Driver


White Denim – Mirrored And Reverse

Superman Interlude


Powerpuff Grrls Interlude

Fantômas – The Godfather


Praxis – Worship

Johnny Pate – Shaft in Africa

Coffy Break

Buckethead – Poison Wind

The Nick Atoms – Escape From New York

Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (Instrumental)

J. D.’s Interlude

BLK JKS – Molalatladi

Theme from Speed Racer

William Shatner – King Henry The Fifth

Desert Session Band – Girl Boy Tom

The Prodigy – 3 Kilos

Daphne Oram Interlude001

Jack Kerouac – San Francisco Scene

Daphne Oram Interlude002

John Carpenter – Precinct 9 – Division 13

BIZARROJERRI Road to Magadan



The Herbaliser – Gadget Funk

DJ Krush  Bypath Break 001

Trans Am – I Want It All

Thundercat – Hoooooooo

Tortoise – Prepare Your Coffin

Nicolas Cage is Sexy and he know It Interlude

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – In Motion

William S.Burroughs – Summer, Will

The Caretaker – Mental caverns without Sunshine

Radiohead – The National Anthem

DJ Lobsterdust – Queen / Satan / Gary G

Daphne Oram Interlude003

Fantômas – The Omen (Ave Satani)

Buckethead – The Bronze Bat Interlude

Hot Chip – The Warning

Isaac Hayes – Run Fay Run


Adele – Cold Shoulder

Christopher Walken – Poker Face

Faith No More & Boo-Yaa Tribe – Another Body Murdered

CHiPs funk break

Marilyn & Daphne – Oramic Birthday

Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra – Windy City

DJ Krush – Meiso (feat. Black Thought, Malik B)


Kid Koala – Slew Test 2

Tom Morello – Boss Battle

Nigger Lover

Pigeonhed – Battle Flag

DJ Shadow – Give me back the nights

William S. Burroughs – Dr. Benway’s Interlude

Boards of Canada – Roygbiv

DJ Krush – Bypath Break 002

David Lindup – Sixth Sense

Space Ghost


Parts & Labor – Probably Feeling Better Already

Zombie Zombie – Assault On Precinct 13

Street Sweeper Social Club – Megablast

William S.Burroughs – Identify Oven Area


The Go! Team – Junior Kickstart

Death Grips – Guillotine

Faye Richmonde – My Pussy Belongs To Daddy

DJ Krush – Bypath Break 003

Praxis – Cathedral Space (Soft Hail of Electrons)

Rustie – Death Mountain

Sugar Hill Break

Bruce Haack – The Word




TV on the Radio – Wolf Like Me

Spoek Mathambo – Mshini Wam


Old Bill Lee’s I’m Sorry Dr Benway can’t be here tonight

The Knife – Colouring Of Pigeons (DAI REFIX)

Trans Am – Slow Response

Zombie Zombie – Interlude

DJ Shadow – Border crossing

The Real Adventures Of Johnny Quest

Black Street Fighter

RICHARD GROOVE HOLMES – The Six Million Dollar Man

videogame orchestra – Escape From New York


Fantômas – Cape Fear

Dragonforce (feat. Adele) – Rolling In The Fire And Flames

Death Grips – 5D

Spoek Mathambo – March for Union Buildings

The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy – Television, The Drug of the Nation

The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die


Danny Elfman – Batman Overture


The Album Leaf – Another Day

Black Mountain – Wucan

The Caretaker – Pared back to the minimal

Thundercat – For Love I Come

Scooby Doo – Interlood

Easy Star All Stars – The Great Gig in the Sky


The Shaolin Afronauts – Rise With The Blind

Jack Kerouac – The Subterraneans

The Album Leaf – Micro Melodies

The Caretaker – The sublime is disappointingly elusive (1:44)


William S.Burroughs – Inching, is this machine recording?


Death Cube K – Maggot Dream

Samuel L Jackson – The Final Word on…

(One Final Bandolier) – (at the bottom of this lunchbox)


bizarroPÓEM 002

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

to my son’s first friend, whom I have not yet met

treat him right, Joshua

your new pal

this new-found friend

your china

this fresh bud


you might not remember him twenty years from now,

but maybe he will remember you


one day, you may be alone,

staring up into a blue space, searching for red balloons


a new record

a forbidden book

the last ball of the final over, six needed to win

wing man? wing man


you might not remember him twenty years from now,

but maybe he will remember you


one day, far from home,

in a hotel room,

at a crossroads

in a bind,


you may need a second thought, another opinion,

a validation,

a justification,

a laugh or a cry


you might not remember him twenty years from now, Joshua

but maybe Tom will remember you


who’s going to be your dead hooker phone call?



bizarroINTERWEB: Bookmark Now! 001

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012


Essential Alternative

South Africa News


(as endorsed by the Bizarrojerri Corporation)

In the ether of a sometimes oversaturated internet, where the choice of news and information websites is vast, varied and somewhat overwhelming, it takes a lot for specific websites to stand out above the crowd. For independent  South African news and culture websites, in particular, who not only have to vie for attention with international competition but also with large local media houses and major news organisations, it is important to approach things a little differently. Loaded with some great, original writing and different approaches to graphic style and layout, here are local websites that should be on every discerning South African news junkie’s favourites list.


The pet project of  journalist Andy Davis, Mahala is the epitome of the South African alternative press, offering different and unique insights into South African music, film, politics and the local zeitgeist in general, through interesting writing and some off the wall ideas, from a huge pool of contributors, photographers and artists. In particular, the writings of Davis himself, and the site’s Gonzo-at-large Brandon Edmonds, stand out for their intelligent and sometimes jet-black humourous takes on South African life. In service since 2009, the site has a vast back catalogue of articles and photo/art essays for hours of reading. The site’s unique Kif or Kak section (, where a rogues photo gallery of found objects from everyday South African life (everything from weird, funny signs to outsider art) are passionately discussed and critiqued by readers and contributors alike is one of the site’s must-see highlights.

The Daily Maverick

Borne out of the ashes of one of South Africa’s premier print political journals, the short-lived, but lively Maverick, the online incarnation Daily Maverick does what it says on the box: A daily dose of some of the country’s best and unrestrained political and cultural writing, without apology or remorse, always with healthy doses of dry humour that colour the absurdness of the South African socio-political battlefield.

The list of contributors at the DM is enviable, spanning everything from hardnosed news reporting and analysis from the likes of Mandy De Waal and Phillip De Wet (DM’s deputy editor and probably the hardest working journalist in SA today), to some wry political insight from the popular Sipho Hlongwane and 702’s Stephen Grootes. With a simple, basic design and relatively ad-free layout, The DM is a fun, quick and easy-to-read first stop for news and views behind the news, before moving to more vanilla-flavoured news sources.


An altogether different animal is the madness that is Hayibo. Taking its inspiration from the template set by the classic satirical Onion news journal and website, nothing on the Hayibo site is real, it is all made up. But as the saying goes, in any form of satire there is always the smallest kernel of truth. In South African politics and life, this is amplified to the outermost extremes by the writers at Hayibo. The road for the website has been a rocky one, with the site losing sponsors and gaining critics regularly since its launch in 2008. After a brief hiatus from the web in 2010, buoyed by online support, the site returned with vengeance and headlines like “SA revealed as giant scripted TV show” and “No special Valentine’s plans for Mugabe, will probably just stay home and screw Zimbabwe” to shock and amuse the site’s loyal readers. With a content team managed by humorist Tom Eaton, the site never fails to come up with some great ideas that, by the day, seem to get a little too close for comfort with the realSouth Africapolitical and social environment.

bizarroPÓEM 001

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012


wiki wiki Pioniki

(Lament of concrete to a prize in a contest, not won)

It is dark, said God the Dj, in here…

Let me create.

Look children, these multi-coloured waves of light

                                                            And creation…




Snaresnaresnaresnare bass

    Ticktickticky tickticky


Touch, pause…engage, repeat

It is hard work, said God being a Dj,

Lots of colours, lots of rhythms


                                                Ticktickticky tickticky

Lots of people to, wiki wiki, control….bass


Yet, the New





J-T1 Edition 2,

Make his work here a lot easier to do…

“It is getting hot, God the Dj, in here…”

My work here is done…




(stomp stomp stomp)
*frantic clicking of the mouse*

(stomp stomp stomp)
*five minute smoke break*
*distant sigh*
(stomp stomp stomp)
*frantic clicking of the mouse*

(stomp stomp stomp)

– repeat ad nauseous – serve chilled…

bizarroINTERWEB: Bringing myspace Back

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Whatever Happened to..?

The Rise and Fall of Myspace

Like the memory of an old girlfriend, unceremoniously dumped for a newer, sleeker model, some older Facebook users may remember a time when they only had eyes for Myspace. While secretly Googling to see if their old Myspace profiles are still around, they may ask: “whatever happened to Myspace?”

The good news is Myspace is still around, the bad news, though, is that she’s with Justin Timberlake now.

Myspace was the first mass-populated global social network, and between 2005 and 2008, could do no wrong. Boasting over 100 million users at the height of its popularity, and a net worth of almost $12 billion, Myspace was the byword for online interaction and the spokes model for the second generation IT business boom. That is, until Mark Zuckerberg got drunk one night and changed everything.

Myspace was developed by the small IT group eUniverse, in 2003, taking elements of proto-social networks such as Friendster and livejournal, and stabilising these platforms with the Coldfusion design program. Together with an emphasis on customised graphical elements and various music and publishing applications, the Myspace model offered users an online platform to express their individuality and connect with friends and strangers alike. The site was popular with musicians and creatives in promoting their work, and for the average user, it was the first exposure to how easy and engrossing fully interactive online living could be.

In 2006 the site recorded its 100 millionth user, and a $580 million deal with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, in view to establishing the Myspace brand globally, particularly inChina, heralded the seriousness with which traditional business regarded the potential of online social networking. Murdoch had big plans for Myspace, even establishing Myspace runners Chris De Wolfe and Tom Anderson (the veritable face of the site) in the News Corp executive hierarchy. A billion dollar advertising deal with Google and an attempted merge with Yahoo (through News Corp) helped Myspace reach the pinnacle of its tipping point in 2008. Facebook going live that same year pushed Myspace over the edge. A reluctance to accept evolutionary change and embrace simplicity, both hallmarks of Facebook and Twitter, forced Myspace out of the game.

One of the more specific criticisms of the Myspace model was the over-customisation of profile pages, allowing users to design and tweak the look of profiles with often badly designed and buggy applications that struggled to upload into inadequate browsers on primitive internet connections. In between their Icarus-like business naivety, and some undue privacy and pornography scandals, Myspace ultimately broke the most basic rule of social networking: don’t alienate your customers with bells and whistles, especially if they don’t work properly.

Systematically, as Facebook and Twitter flourished between 2008 and 2011, Myspace, rich but riddled, haemorrhaged users, advertising, employees and the good graces of Rupert Murdoch. By the end of 2011, the company had lost $165 million, 65 million unique users, dwindled a workforce of 1,600 down to 220 and bared the shame of being pawned off by a frustrated Murdoch to Justin Timberlake’s Specific Media Group for $35 million, well below the asking price of $200 million.

Surprisingly, with that sort of pariah status, Myspace today still survives, largely in more regionally-focused sites, such as China and Russia, as well as, under the keen eye of actor/musician Timberlake, re-marketing itself as music sharing platform similar to Bandcamp.

An ever-optimistic Timberlake, no doubt inspired by some strange sense of meta-irony in his portrayal of internet prospector Sean Parker in The Social Network (a film about Facebook) is wholly committed and involved in making Myspace the go-to site for social networking in the music business, telling MTV News in January 2012, “I don’t have anything on my plate other than think-tanking a lot of different ideas for Myspace… (we’re bringing it back.)”

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